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To ensure effective delinquency control, using a "cheaper" repossession Agency is not necessarily the way to go.

Contingent pricing is just that; something "that may or may not happen". Take a look at the following definitions straight from the Webster's Dictionary:


con·tin·gent (ken tin'jent) adj. [L contingens, prp. of contingere, to touch: see CONTACT] 1 [Obs.} touching; tangential 2 that may or may not happen; possible 3 happening by chance; accidental; fortuitous 4 unpredictable because dependent on chance 5 dependent (on or upon something uncertain); conditional 6 Logic true only under certain conditions or in certain contexts; not always or necessarily true 7 Philos. not subject to determinism; free -n. 1 an accidental or chance happening 2 a share or quota, as of troops, laborers, delegates, etc. 3 a group forming part of a larger group -

ac·cu·rate (ak'yoor it, -yer-) adj. [L accuratus, pp. of acurare < ad-, to + curare, to take care < cura, care: see CURE] 1 careful, and exact 2 free from mistakes or errors; precise 3 adhering closely to a standard [an accurate thermometer] -SYN. CORRECT -ac'cu·rate|ly adv. -ac'cu·rate·ness n.

For the prompt and effective services we provide, we offer a very competitive pricing structure. Our fees remain consistent, with no hidden charges. Give us a call with any questions you may have.

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