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The State of California has strict licensing requirements. A repossession agency means and includes any person who, for any consideration whatsoever, engages in the repossession business or accepts employment to locate or recover personal property, including but not limited to personal property registered under provisions of the Motor Vehicle Code, which is subject to a security agreement, is by definition a "repossession agency" and must be licensed as such, under state law.

Unless exempt pursuant to B & P 7500.3, only persons holding a valid repossession agency license or registration, issued by the State of California, may engage in the activities of a repossession agency. [B & P 7502.1]

To determine whether or not a person or agency holds a valid repossessor's license, you may contact the B.S.I.S. (Bureau of Security and Investigative Services) at 400 "R" Street, Ste #3080, Sacramento, CA. 95814, (916) 445-7724. For a up to date list of licensees, contact the Department of Consumer Affairs, Information Systems Division, 400 "R" Street, Ste # 1000, Sacrmento, CA. 95814, (916)323-7018

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If you repossess here in CA you are mandated by law to obtian a license and / or registation. If you took the time to lookup Agency's you currently contract with you'd probably be surprised to see how few drivers some Agency's actually have registered with the Dept of Consumer Affiairs, the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services; the entities that regulate our Industry here in CA. Contracting with an Agency that does not properly license or register their staff places great liability on you! Prior to the issuing of any license or registration the D.O.J. (Department of Justice) does a thorough background check on applicants. Take advantage of established laws by ensuring the Company or Agency you do business with is following established laws, as well as has adequate staffing to handle your needs by clicking the Online License Search above.

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